Solar System Design and Installation

We assess your site, analyze your electric usage, select solar panels and inverters and install for the highest output within your footprint and budget. We utilize optimal sun angles for your solar panels and site, high-efficiency inverters and install the solar system to the highest standards ensuring your system will produce the maximum amount of solar electric kilowatt hours for decades to come.

Solar Inspections and Repairs

If you’re not sure your solar system is functioning as expected, call us for an inspection. We find out what, if anything, is wrong. We diagnose the solar system, provide a competitive quote to fix it and/or upgrade it as required, and when authorized, perform the solar repairs as quickly as possible, because we know you are losing money every day your solar system is not working. We aim to get your solar system back to work for you and the planet as efficiently and swiftly as we can.

Solar Inverter Warranty Replacements

If you have an inverter that is still within its warranty but is no longer functioning as it should, we can expedite its replacement with the manufacturer, saving you on the expensive material replacement while only incurring a labor charge.

Maintenance of System and Management of SRECs

We offer annual service agreements for preventative maintenance, tune-ups and repairs when required. We can also manage your SRECs which provides us more opportunity to keep track of your system’s performance.

We can maximize the space you have with tracking, tilting, trimming of branches, etc so you get more output per sq ft.

Commercial and residential installations, service agreements and SREC management.

We can also provide energy efficiency assesments and audits.

We are affiliated with a BPI, Goldstar Contracting company. See

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