Our Vision

We have been making the transition to clean, renewable energy, from dirty, polluting energies, for nearly three decades now! We believe that utilizing energy efficiency we can provide enough power with renewable sources including solar, wind and some geothermal to operate our planet’s energy requirements.

Our Story

Learning about and then experiencing simple uses of renewable energy back in the 1970s such as solar hot water and passive solar heating for homes made an impression on our company’s founders. Studying about the perils of fossil fuels, nuclear and coal burning, and then learning of the 1954 demonstration of solar photovoltaics, and then being in New Jersey, where the first pv cell was developed, it only took until the year 2001 when the best solar incentives ever were legislated, that sealed the deal for the making of our company.

Meet the Team

David, the wizard, Cathy, the curator, Ethan the expert tech, Anthony the exceptional electrician, is to name a few among our excellent team members.

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