Solar Installation

We are a leading solar developer specializing in commercial and residential projects. Whether you are planning a 5kw system or a 500kw solar system, we design, manage, install and maintain  your system to ensure you get the maximum output possible! Our affiliate can also provide you with geothermal, energy efficiency and irrigation services so you can achieve a Zero Carbon footprint! See our partner, Ecological Wizard at    We are a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited company

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Troubleshooting & Repairs

When it comes to troubleshooting a solar system, our company has all skilled and experienced people plus the right tools and resources to get your system back on track, making you money and saving the planet. Whether you have a residential system down, or large commercial system offline, call us for a quick, cost-competitive solution.

* Our $99 special for inspection & tune-up provides up to one hour of labor and includes checking the connections in the inverters to prevent arcing. Not having an annual inspection and tune-up could void your  manufacturer's inverter warranty.

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Maintenance & Management

This nine-year old 250kw system was not operating and the original installer was out of business. The owner called us, and we troublshot their inverter and replaced internal coponents - contactors, resisters and fuses. It now performs beautifully, delivering on its investment.  To keep your investment producing what you expect, we offer annual mainatenance agreements that include inspections, preventative measures and timely repairs. We also offer SREC management to further keep an eye on your investment while providing a great return as well.

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Since 1993

Renewable Energy Will Sustain Our Planet

If we choose wisely we can exapand the limits of our time and resources on this planet. Choose clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our company has been at the forefront in New Jersey, building the first solar energy systems in many counties, achieving the first carbon-negative homes utilizing solar, geothermal and energy efficiency. We understand the importance of these systems, how to install, diagnose, prioritize and get the job done, so our children will have hope for a clean, sustainable future. The future is now!

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Whether you are planning a home solar system, need a large commercial system repaired or want to know how to eliminate your electric bill, give us a call.